Growth Management, Policy, and Historic Properties Pre-submittal Meeting Scheduling & Document Transmittal Portal

Growth Management Pre-Application Triage: Conversations In Understanding What You Need & What We Expect

Pre-submittal triage meetings are required before application submittal, and before a neighborhood meeting is held. Pre-submittal triage meetings are meant to provide the applicant with direction and guidance around the application requirements, identify any potential issues that may arise with the site and/or proposal, work through a community engagement strategy, and talk about the appropriateness of the proposal for the area. Growth management Triage for Applications includes: Zoning Map Changes, Annexations, Watershed Determinations, Comprehensive Plan Amendments, Development Agreements, and UDO Text Amendments.*

The pre-application triage meeting can be scheduled at the Acuity Pre-submittal Scheduling Portal.  
Pre-application documents can be submitted in the Growth Management Document Submittal Portal.

*Additional meetings may be required for specific application types or further direction on meeting with other stakeholders may be discussed at the land use triage meeting.  

Historic Properties Pre-submittal Meeting 

Historic property pre-submittal meetings are required before a major certificate of appropriateness or landmark designation application may be submitted. Historic Property pre-submittal meetings are intended to provide an initial review of the proposed application and help the applicant navigate the application process. Pre-submittal meetings are required for:  

  1. Pre-submittal meetings are conducted virtually everyday via the Zoom platform. There is no fee for this service.  
  2. Time slots are forty-five (45) minutes and arranged on a first-come, first-served basis.  
  3. Meetings must be scheduled at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance. 
  4. A description of the proposal must be provided in advance of the pre-submittal meeting. Documents should be transmitted using the instructions provided in item #5 below. 
  5. Proceed to Scheduling and Document Transmittal. 

Note: Failure to arrive within ten (10) minutes of the scheduled meeting time will automatically result in the cancellation of your appointment.  The applicant will be responsible for scheduling a new appointment and re-submitting any documents from the first submittal.   

Scheduling and Document Transmittal 

Follow these steps to choose your appointment time and transmit documents. 

  1. Choose your meeting type and schedule the appointment
  2. Transmit documents  
    Use the links below to submit plans and documents.