Architectural Review submittal portal 

Do not submit Building Permits through this portal. Submit and pay for Building Permit here. Architectural Review is a Planning approval for limited circumstances.

If you have confirmed with Planning that Architectural Review applies to your proposed development, use the file upload tool below to submit the Architectural Review application digitally. Please note the following.

  1. Application submittal and payment is a six-step process, which is all-digital and paper-free. Please do not deliver materials via mail as these items will not be processed or returned.  
  2. Use the blue button immediately below to launch the application guide, which includes links and instructions for application forms, the required transmittal cover sheet, and the online payment portal. Proceed to the submittal portal at the bottom of this page only after completing all steps within the application guide.
    Launch application guide_250
  3. An upload tool from should appear below. For mobile/tablet viewing or other display issues use alternate link.