Video Inspection submittal portal

Use the file upload tool below to submit a Video Inspection application digitally. Please note the following.

  1. Application submittal and payment is all-digital and paper-free. Please do not deliver materials via mail as these items will not be processed or returned.  
  2. Use the blue button immediately below to launch the application guide, which includes links and instructions for application forms, the required transmittal cover sheet, and the online payment portal. Proceed to the submittal portal at the bottom of this page only after completing all steps within the application guide.
    Launch application guide_250
  3. Prior to uploading video inspection submittals contact Brian Sessoms at Include the name of the project and whether it is a first submittal or resubmittal. A link to a project folder will then be provided to upload the associated video inspection submittal files.
  4. Do not upload .Zip files. Video and image files may be uploaded, but documents should be in PDF format. 
  5. Individual uploads can be up to 5 GB in size using Chrome or Firefox. The limit is 4GB in size if using Internet Explorer versions 9, 10,  or 11. 
  6. Ensure the files are named appropriately, including the project name, phase and file type (checklist, receipt, etc.)
  7. Please review the video inspection checklist to ensure all necessary items are uploaded. Please also upload a payment receipt with the other submittal items. Review of the application will not begin until the submittal is deemed complete and any outstanding fees are paid.  
  8. Ensure all resubmittals include the video inspection checklist and associated files.
  9. Pay fees online. It is very important the detailed instructions below are followed exactly for entering the project name and phase. Not following these instructions will delay the completion of the review.  Do not enter the Planning Case number.
    1. From the “Select a Payment Type” choose, select “Right-of-way Permit” 
    2. In the “Permit/Case Number or Ticket ID Number” field enter project name per the instructions below (this field is limited to 32 characters):
      1. Application Type – Use the abbreviation “vi-” for Video Inspections followed by a dash; 
      2. Name – enter the project name with no spaces; 
      3. Phase – abbreviate Phase with “ph” followed by the number.
        Example: For a video inspection submittal for City Hall Expansion Phase 2, enter the following into the “Permit/Case Number or Ticket ID Number” field: vi-cityhallexpansionph2.
    3. Hit the continue button. 
    4. Fill out the payment information fields. 
    5. Enter in the “Pay This Amount” field as follows.
      1. Determine the fee amount based on the instructions on the video inspection checklist; 
      2. Multiply the fee amount by 4% to determine the technology surcharge amount; 
      3. Add these two numbers together and this is the amount to enter in the “Pay This Amount” field.
        Video Inspection Review Fee = $2,000
        Technology Surcharge = $80 ($2,000 x 4% Technology Surcharge)
        Total for “Pay This Amount” field = $2,080.00
        Hit the continue button

An upload tool from should appear below. For mobile/tablet viewing or other display issues use alternate link.