Online application submittal portal menu

Use the portals below to submit development applications and permits (and complete re-submittals) electronically. 

  • Amendments to approved development applications should be submitted through the corresponding application portal. For processing purposes, they are treated as a new application. 
  • New submittals and re-submittals should be clearly distinguished. Cover sheets are required for re-submittals, and need to include case number, staff contact, project name, applicant name.  
  • Customers sending additional files after application review has begun need to include a cover sheet with the information identified above. If this is not provided the submittal may be interpreted as an incomplete application and rejected. 
  • Individual uploads can be up to 5 GB in size using Chrome or Firefox. The limit is 4GB in size if using Internet Explorer versions 9, 10,  or 11.
  • Please carefully follow file upload and file naming conventions provided within the individual submittal portals below. Each application type includes additional submittal requirements, and these are established on the application form, and in some cases via a separate submittal checklist.   
  • Pay fees online. Applications must include proof of payment. Payment confirmation will be automatically emailed to the individual making the payment. An e-check can be used to avoid the 3% Paymentus credit/debit card surcharge.
  1. ABC Permit
  2. Annexation Petition
  3. Architectural Review 
  4. As-built Drawing - Engineering
  5. As-built Drawing - Floodplain
  6. As-built Drawing - Stormwater
  7. Certificate of Appropriateness - Major and Master
  8. Certificate of Appropriateness - Minor   
  9. Construction Drawing - Pump Station
  10. Construction Drawing - Residential and Commercial
  11. Electrical Reconnection Request 
  12. Floodplain Development Permit - Small, Medium and Large
  13. Landscape Extension Request
  14. Other Applications Not Listed - Planning
  15. Other Applications Not Listed - Public Works
  16. Outdoor Seating Permit 
  17. Performance Bond - Engineering
  18. Plat - Exempt and Right-of-Way Abandonments
  19. Plat - Final (Major and Minor) 
  20. Plat - Preliminary
  21. Right-of-Way Permit 
  22. Sign Permit - Permanent and Temporary Signs
  23. Sign Permit - Common Signage Plan  
  24. Site Plan - Level 1 or Wireless Communication Facility Co-location
  25. Site Plan - Level 2 or Wireless Communication Facility
  26. Site Plan - Level 3 or Wireless Communication Facility
  27. Site Plan - Level 4 or Wireless Communication Facilities
  28. Site Plan - Major
  29. Small Cell Wireless Permit
  30. Special Use Permit - Major
  31. Special Use Permit (Minor) - Variance - Other Board of Adjustment
  32. Special Use Permit - Transportation
  33. Street Closing or Renaming
  34. Street Vendor Registration
  35. Temporary Use Permit    
  36. Video Inspection
  37. Zoning Map Change
  38. Zoning Verification Letter