Online payments and Planning/DSC fee schedule (temporary payment types due to COVID-19)

Application submittal and payment is a six-step process, which is all-digital and paper-free. Please do not deliver materials via mail as these items will not be processed or returned. 

If you are ready to pay fees, please read the fee payment notes below, then click the image at the bottom of the page to view the fee schedule. The fee schedule will identify the fee amount due, and the appropriate menu option(s) to select in the web payment portal. 

I am ready to pay fees, take me to the DSC web payment portal 

Otherwise, if you are just starting the application process, use the blue button below to launch the application guide, which includes links for completing application forms and the required transmittal cover sheet, and important submittal instructions. Proceed to the appropriate submittal portal only after all steps in the application guide.

Launch application guide_250

Fee payment notes: 

  1. The fee schedule and Paymentus one-time payment portal utilize temporary payment types due to COVID-19. Please carefully read the instructions on Page 1 of the fee schedule. The right-hand column of the fee schedule identifies which temporary payment type to use within the payment portal menu. In some instances this work-around requires two cycles of payments to be made within the portal.
  2. Work is currently underway to revise the fee schedule and payment portal to make it more user-friendly and intuitive, and avoid the need to make multiple trips through the portal to complete a payment. 
  3. Applicants will receive a payment confirmation email after payment is completed, and a PDF copy of this email should be included with application submittal.
  4. Note for large development projects: The maximum one-time payment amount accepted by Paymentus is $25,000. If attempting to pay a higher amount please break the payment into two separate transactions and include both receipts with the submittal.
  5. The company that administers the online payment portal (Paymentus) charges a non-refundable convenience fee. The fee is 3.3% per transaction if paying by credit or debit card, or $0.50 per transaction if paying by electronic check.

Planning-DSC temporary fee schedule due to COVID-19 (click to open the full document)

Planning temporary fee schedule thumbnail image