Online Payments

Follow Steps 1-3 to Make Your Payment Online

1. Find your fee schedule

  1. DSC Fees and Payment Menu (City-County Planning, City Public Works, City Transportation, City Water Management)
  2. City-County Inspections fees (Building and Trade Permits)
  3. Full Citywide fee ordinance (all other City departments)

2. Choose payment portal based on type of application/permit you are submitting

  1. DSC Fee Payment Portal (City-County Planning, City Public Works, City Transportation, City Water Management)
    1. You will receive a confirmation email from Paymentus after payment is completed. A copy of the email needs to be included with your application submittal package.
    2. For large projects: The maximum one-time payment amount accepted by Paymentus is $25,000. If attempting to pay a higher amount please break the payment into two separate transactions and include both receipts with the submittal.
  2. Building Permit and Inspections fee payment and application submittal (City-County Inspections / DPlans and LDO portals)
  3. Payment portals for Cross-connection, Fire Flow, Utility Billing, and other City fees

3. Things to know about paying DSC fees

  1. Fee payment is one step of a six-step application submittal process. 
  2. Cover sheets are required for all transmittals (except Inspections).
  3. The application process is all digital and paper-free. 
  4. Fees and applications cannot be submitted via mail - these items will be returned to sender. 
  5. For Building Permits and Inspections application submittal, payment, and questions visit the City-County Inspections site.
  6. Need more guidance? The blue button below will launch the application guide. 

Launch application guide_250