DSC customer request tracker

The Development Services Center has implemented a new a customer tracking system, which involves a new procedure for submitting general inquiries to the DSC. If your question could not be answered using one of the DSC’s self-help resources you may click the form below to submit a general question to staff. Please discontinue calling or emailing general questions directly to individual staff members. See below for additional information about why the DSC is using this new system and how it works.

Mojo general question screenshot

What is happening?

The DSC has transitioned to a web-based ticketing system for coordinating general questions, and other inquiries not related to an active permit or development. The system is supported by software called Mojo Helpdesk. Helpdesk applications like Mojo are commonly used by government agencies and corporate service centers to manage customer interactions and improve performance.

Why is the DSC using a customer tracker?

The DSC receives an average of 7,500 walk-in, phone, and email customers per month. The DSC’s customer and caseload volume is growing alongside Durham’s built environment. The DSC and its partner departments have not previously utilized a customer tracking system. In the past, various customer service groups have been able to manage customer volume using traditional communication methods. Starting in April 2017, the DSC began providing one-stop-shop customer service on behalf of 40 City and County partner work groups. Operating without a coordinated customer resource tracker is no longer practical, and inhibits the DSC’s goal of improving the quality and timeliness of Durham’s development review process.  

What are the benefits?

The customer request tracker provides better record-keeping and consistent organization of inquiries, which will benefit both customers and staff.

Customers will benefit by receiving more timely responses because the ticketing system will be monitored full-time, which avoids emails or voice mails becoming lost in an employee’s inbox. Employees will benefit by having a single dashboard where they can view open inquiries, search prior inquiries, and view comments from employees in other work groups.

Can I still reach the DSC by phone?

Yes, however customers are asked to discontinue calling individual staff members for help with general questions. Customers may still call 919-560-4137 or 919-560-4144 to receive assistance with general questions. Please keep in mind that calling by phone is not always faster than submitting a ticket using the above form. 

Can I still email my inquiry?

Starting April 1, 2018, the DSC and Planning department general email accounts will no longer be monitored, and customers are asked to discontinue emailing general questions directly to staff. General questions should be submitted using the above form.

What happens when I submit a ticket?

Try it out! After submitting a ticket using the above form, customers will receive a confirmation email with their ticket number (sender will be “DSC Help Center”). The confirmation email includes additional instructions on how to reply to tickets and access previous tickets. 

Do I need to create a username and password?

No, however the benefit of creating an account is that you can access previous tickets. Instructions for creating an account are provided in the footer of all Mojo ticket responses.

Is a smartphone app available?

Yes. The Mojo Helpdesk smartphone app allows customers to access, update, and reply to open tickets, as well as view old tickets. To find the app search for "Mojo Helpdesk" in your app store.

I have more questions, what can I do?

Submit a ticket and DSC staff will assist.