Contacting staff

The DSC uses a web-based ticketing system to track and respond to over 7,500 walk-in, phone, and email customers each month. Please try one of the DSC’s self-help resources or contact staff as follows.

Web: Click here.

Email: Send general inquiries to dscticket [at]

Phone: Call 919-560-4137 or 919-560-4144.

  • Press 1 for Inspections (building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, fire, inspections),
  • Press 2 for Planning (property and zoning inquiries; development applications; minor approvals),
  • Press 3 for Public Works (utilities; driveways; construction drawings; right-of-way), or
  • Press 4 if you do not know who to contact.

Walk-in: The DSC is located on the ground floor of Durham City Hall. 

Walk-in, phone, and electronic inquiries are addressed on a first-come, first-served basis.

What happens after I submit my question?

After contacting staff customers will receive a confirmation email with their ticket number (sender will be “DSC Help Center”). The confirmation email includes additional instructions on how to reply to tickets and access previous tickets. DSC staff will answer your question or route your inquiry to the appropriate party.

Do I need to create a username and password?

No, however the benefit of creating an account is that you can access previous tickets. Instructions for creating an account are provided in the footer of all Mojo ticket responses.

Is a smartphone app available?

Yes. The Mojo Helpdesk smartphone app allows customers to access, update, and reply to open tickets, as well as view old tickets. To find the app search for "Mojo Helpdesk" in the app store.