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There are several ways to get help navigating the permit process. Please select one of the DSC's self-help resources or contact staff to request further guidance related to one of our information products or applications. 

  1. Self-help 
  2. Contact staff or submit application

Knowledge base

The knowledge base is a searchable database of articles about the development process. Topics include frequently asked questions about permitting requirements and development regulations. 

Development process flow charts

Flow charts summarize major steps in the development process, from general procedures to a detailed sequence of specific application types. 

Permits and information products

Visit this page if you know which permit or approval you need. In addition you can request informational products to verify a property or business, confirm project feasibility, or summarize applicable development regulations.  

Development regulations

Visit this page to review building, zoning, infrastructure, or other regulations that may apply to a property, activity, or construction type.