Permits and project feasibility

Approvals and permits are required prior to undertaking most types of development and construction activity. To learn whether minor activities are exempt from permitting requirements, search the Knowledge Base.

Below is a comprehensive list of applications offered by the DSC and its Partner Work Units. Please review documents carefully and follow all submittal and payment instructions. Click here to learn more about the workflow for approvals and permits.

  1. Project feasibility
  2. Planning
  3. Inspections
  4. Express Review
  5. Expedited review
  6. Public Works
  7. Other work groups

Project feasibility is a pre-review stage that includes property, zoning, and use verification. Project feasibility is optional except for Zoning Permits, which are required prior to construction. The purpose of project feasibility is to advise customers on the applicability of various development regulations prior to initiating a formal application.   

Due Diligence

This is an optional informational product intended to verify current property conditions. Staff will provide a letter confirming the following information:

  • Verification of zoning district and current land use;
  • Confirmation that Certificates of Occupancy were received for construction; and/or
  • Identify any pending or prior zoning code enforcement cases. 

Allowable Use Determination

This is an optional informational product indented to determine the corresponding land use type that applies to a proposed business or activity. Staff will provide a letter confirming the following. Development Plan. Staff will provide the following information:

  • Determine the land use type that corresponds with a proposed business or activity;
  • Identify whether a land use is allowed by-right or subject to limited use (i.e. performance) standards and/or Board of Adjustment or Historic Preservation Commission approval;
  • Advise which types of approval(s) will be needed for development, for example Rezone, Special Use Permit, Site Plan, Plat, Construction Drawing, Zoning, Building, or Trade permit; and/or
  • Confirm applicable UDO dimensional standards (for properties without an approved Development Plan), for example maximum building height, minimum building setback, maximum impervious surface, and maximum density, as well as parking requirements.

Zoning and Property Analysis

This is an optional informational product intended to provide a comprehensive summary of applicable UDO requirements. Development Services Center staff will meet with the customer and provide a letter confirming the following:

  • Confirm requirements under current Site Plan or Development Plan; and
  • Confirm major Unified Development Ordinance (zoning) regulations, for example floodplain, watershed overlay, historic district, infill standards, parking and access, landscaping, tree coverage, and screening.  

Pre-submittal meeting

This is a multi-departmental meeting intended to provide a comprehensive summary of applicable UDO and transportation requirements, stormwater and development engineering regulations, and infrastructure capacity. Pre-submittal meetings are be available at regularly-scheduled times.

Zoning Permit (coming soon)

Zoning Permits are required prior to construction and reviewed concurrently with a building permit. The purpose is to verify that single-family residential development and use changes, that do not require a new or revised site plan, are allowed within a zoning district and comply with applicable standards established in the UDO or approved site plan, development plan, or Certificate of Appropriateness.