Development Application Forms, Early Assistance, and Verification Letters

A complete application form is one step of a six-step application submittal process. The application process is all digital and paper-free. Please do not deliver materials via mail as these items will not be processed or returned. Use the blue button immediately below to launch the application guide after completing an application form and reviewing the submittal checklist. For Building Permits and Inspections application submittal, payment, and questions visit the Inspections site.

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Project feasibility services allow customers to verify property and zoning conditions and receive a high-level summary of applicable development regulations prior to initiating a formal application.   

Property and zoning research + small business start-up guides 

The above page includes access to the following.

  1. Affordable Housing Bonus
  2. Expanding Housing choices initiative.
  3. Business start-up guides.
  4. Outdoor sales FAQ.
  5. Plot Plan (plot map) generator.
  6. Fee schedules for Planning, Inspections, and Public Works.
  7. Searchable set of frequently asked questions.
  8. Zoning, subdivision, and environmental regulations within the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). 
  9. NC State Building Code and Reference Guide for Development (engineering; stormwater; transportation). 
  10. List of current development application submittals. 
  11. Guidance for using Durham Maps to research property and zoning information and browse current development activity by map.
  12. Instructions for browsing or requesting land development records. 
  13. Instructions for contacting DSC with general property, zoning, or application questions by email, phone, or in person.

Due Diligence / Zoning Verification Letters

These are optional, paid information products intended to verify current zoning and property conditions. Staff will provide a letter confirming the following information:

  • Verification of zoning district and current land use;
  • Confirmation that Certificates of Occupancy were received for construction; and/or
  • Identify any pending or prior zoning code enforcement cases. 

Concept Meetings and Multi-departmental Pre-submittal Meetings

Concept Meetings and Pre-submittal meetings are intended to help applicants understand the development process and identify regulations with significant bearing on the proposed project. In some instances these meetings are a required step within the application process. Follow the link above to learn more about the different types of meetings offered, and how to schedule a slot and transmit materials. 

Pre-submittal Meetings and Concept Meetings for Development Review, Board of Adjustment, and Street Closings
Pre-submittal Meetings for Historic Preservation, Land Use, and Policy