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1. What is a local historic district?
2. How is a local historic district designated?
3. What is a local historic landmark?
4. How is a local historic landmark designated?
5. What are the benefits of local historic landmark designation?
6. What is the National Register of Historic Places?
7. What are the benefits and responsibilities of a National Register listing?
8. What is a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA)?
9. What work requires a COA?
10. How do I know if a property needs a COA?
11. Who reviews COA applications?
12. What about demolition of historic structures?
13. What is demolition by neglect?
14. What is the criteria for establishing demolition by neglect?
15. What is the process for determining demolition by neglect?
16. What are the outcomes in establishing a condition of demolition by neglect?